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Revolutionizing the way lending is done through Intelligent Technology., Domain Expertise., Digitization., Automation., Data Intelligence.

Hotfoot offers a perfect combination of technology, data science and domain expertise to deliver transformative solutions for the financial industry. Our products streamline processes, empower decision-making, and drive real results.

From digital onboarding to data intelligence and seamless disbursement, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of financial institutions.

Hotfoot takes pride in offering a one-of-a-kind mix of domain expertise, solution excellence, and technology and data science implementation. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive value proposition tailored to help clients achieve their business and technology goals.


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How can we help in driving Technology and Process Excellence?

Our tailored solutions are designed to empower organisations with diverse products, for Banks, NBFC’s, Lending Fintechs and Lending Institutions. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can achieve their financial goals, elevate customer experiences, and spearhead digital innovation.

We offer solutions for the following products:

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team comprises experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. They drive our organization’s success by providing strategic direction and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. With their guidance, we stay ahead of the curve in the lending industry, delivering exceptional results and driving positive change. Meet our leadership team and discover the driving force behind Rapid’s growth and commitment to transforming lending.

Vivek Naidu

Vivek Naidu

Founder, CEO

Vivek is a first-generation entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in Banking and Information Technology. He founded Hotfoot to transform the way people avail loans. He has worked with Citibank and Barclays and has experience in Banking Sales, Credit Evaluation, Score Based Decisioning, Digitisation & Automation.



Co-Founder, CTO

Rajesh is a first-generation entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in technology. He has four patents in product, platforms, and cloud and is TOGAF and AWS Architect certified. He has spoken in public forums on the architecture of the cloud.

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We’re global and a growing team

Hotfoot has established a strong global presence, with operations spanning across key regions including India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and East Africa. Our strategic expansion allows us to serve clients in these dynamic markets and provide them with tailored solutions to meet their unique business needs.

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