Unique Perceived Benefits

Accelerated Process Transformation

Rapid is the only process transformation solution that accelerates and scales the automation from Data capture to Disbursement cycle for loans. This reduces the manual effort significantly and ensuring process adherence.

Cost Saving

Rapid brings in significant cost savings across various stages of the loan application through automation. Rapid is estimated to bong over 50% -70% cost savings post roll out.

Process Digitization

Rapid is a complete end to end process digitization platform which revolutionizes the data collection, data processing and data validation for any loan application. It significantly improves the application preparations and processes the turnaround time, which negates data capture errors.

Reduced TAT

Rapid has built on a new age rule-based technology which assists and reduces the human components in high orders, judgement-based decision-making process for loan application products. This enables accelerated, error-free, highly transparent, and measurable decisions on every application.


Rapid understands that activities including KYC and AML have greater impact on a bank’s ability to adhere to the regulatory compliance. Our integration with compliance processes focuses on developing an accurate customer risk profile. Our processes are efficient in identifying application frauds with improved due diligence.

Improved Productivity

In new age banking, the focus for banking labour force must be more towards higher value customer focussed interactions and not in manual processing of applications. Rapid ensures that banking agents can process 100 applications with high quality profiling and throughput by radical transformation.

Customer Experience

Customers are busy and their time with us to do business is limited. To create a seamless customer experience, it is important to have a process which requires reduced data entry, no manual errors and Repetto of tasks & instant results. Rapid’s digital platform makes it so easy.

Employee Experience

Every employee is important in our customer journey. We believe employee’s experience of managing processes seamlessly reflects on the customer experience. We negate the mundane tasks of employees to make them productive and create value for customers.

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