Sandeep Vellarikkat

Head of Alliances & Innovation

Sandeep Vellarikkat, our Head of Alliances & Innovation, is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. As a digital evangelist and a PMP certified executive management professional, Sandeep has demonstrated his expertise in setting up product policies, processes, and operational frameworks for businesses.

Throughout his career, Sandeep has had the opportunity to travel extensively across the country, allowing him to interact with key stakeholders in the retail consumer finance market. This exposure has provided him with a deep understanding of the business drivers, market forces, competition, and regulatory framework impacting the retail and consumer finance sector. His insights and knowledge have been instrumental in developing successful go-to-market strategies, driving business line growth, and implementing effective risk management strategies.

Sandeep has worked with reputable institutions where he has made significant contributions to the establishment of retail loan products, including two-wheeler loans, used car loans, loyalty programs, and consumer durables financing. His ability to design and execute innovative strategies has played a crucial role in the success of these product offerings.

Outside of work, Sandeep enjoys spending time with his family and friends, engaging in short travels, interesting conversations, and indulging in his love for music and movies. His diverse interests and experiences contribute to his well-rounded perspective and creative thinking in driving alliances and fostering innovation within our organization.