GV Krishnan

Director of Delivery

G V Krishnan, brings a wealth of experience in software design and development spanning over 20 years. With a strong background in product development, talent management, and strategy, Krishnan has a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in delivering successful software solutions.

Krishnan is widely recognized as an expert in architecture assessments and re-architecting paths for digital modernization. He has a keen interest and expertise in emerging technologies such as mobility, IoT, and public clouds, enabling him to guide our teams towards innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Passionate about delivering solutions that are not only innovative but also process-oriented and fit for purpose, Krishnan continuously seeks to collaborate with the best-in-class software teams. His commitment to excellence and his ability to drive successful project outcomes have earned him lead roles in technology and project management for global clients in industries such as Communication, Energy, and Base Metal Commodities.

Krishnan joined Hotfoot in 2019, bringing his extensive experience and expertise to our organization. With his strategic mindset and hands-on approach, he plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful delivery of projects and driving the growth and success of our company.